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by | Jul 17, 2019 | Event Planning

When you need to host a special gathering or event, you need to know who to rely on for food and beverages. Planning an event or gathering takes time that needs to be well utilized. That is why it is always a good idea to rely on a restaurant that offers Italian cuisine and a full-service menu plus catering.

Enliven Your Gathering

By using event catering services in Carlsbad, CA that feature Italian foods, you will enliven your party and make everyone happier. After all, who does not like Italian foods such as chicken parmigiana, lasagna, spaghetti and meat sauce, and penne bolognaise? Just make sure that you notify the restaurant and caterer in advance when arranging catering.

Take a Survey Before Scheduling Catering

Before choosing menu items from an event catering services company, find out what the majority of your guests like in Italian cuisine. Also, check about any dietary requirements or possible allergies. Everyone should feel included when you are hosting a party or gathering.

Scrutinize the Menu

After you get an idea about dietary preferences, go online and review the menu selections offered by the restaurant and caterer. Read what is included in each dish. For instance, penne bolognaise features ground beef combined with ingredients such as onions, garlic, cream, and mushrooms. These types of dishes can serve as many as 18 people at a time. You can also cater this type of cuisine for a smaller gathering of six to nine people.

An Easier Way to Prepare for and Host a Party

You can make any party planning easier when you rely on event catering services to help you with your party’s menu. Narrow down your choices to those restaurants or caterers that provide Italian dishes. Doing so will make party planning an easier and more fulfilling activity.

Make Your Party a Success

Would you like to speak with an Italian catering company today? If so, dial or email a business such as Primo Pizza & Pasta. Make your party a success; serve Italian sides and entrees.

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